Private Lessons

Private Lessons in mathematics in English language


50 Euro/double-lesson (=100min) at your home
250 Euro for 6 double-lessons

same price for groups until 4 persons

Lessons in mathematics, physics and informatics in Vienna.
All levelsfrom Middle school to High School (IB standard and high) up to university).
The topics include : 

Simplifying algebraic expressions, exponents, polynomials, equations and inequalities, word problems, factoring, algebraic fractions, rational exponents, radicals, first degree linear equations and graphs, quadratic equations, first degree inequalities, linear systems of equations, polynomials, rational expressions, exponential and logarithmic functions, analytic geometry, solutions of trigonometric equations and triangles, graphs of the trigonometric functions, and verbal problems involving applications of trigonometric functions, discussions of functions and their graphs for linear, quadratic, and general polynomials, rational functions, exponentials, and logarithms, trigonometric functions and identities, differentiation, integration, sequences, series and mathematical induction, probability and statistics

Lezioni privati in matematica e fisica in lingua italiana

lezioni privati a Vienna in lingua italiana, inglese e
tedesca per matematica,fisica ed informatica.
(Tutti livelli fino all'università.)
: 50 Euro/ Doppia Lezione (=100min) a casa tua
(250 Euro per 6 lezioni doppie)



Contact: 0660 37 94 666,

Erwin Rybin, PhD, MBA
Born 1966 in Vienna, 1992 PhD in technical Physics, 2002 MBA, 2008 MSc. Since 1993 Consultant for IT and logistics.

Since 2004 substitute teacher at the Swiss school of Milan and the International school of Milan, since 2006 teacher at the HTL-Donaustadt and at the AHS Bernoullistraße, Vienna.

2009 IMST Award for the best science project in Austrian High schools

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